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Welcome to the homepage of Milim Co., Ltd   Since our humble beginning in 1986, Milim  Co. has developed a strong position as the market leader in the production of functional master batches based upon advanced technologies.
Milim Co. has achieved rapid and remarkable success as a master batch producer. We were the first to successfully produce an agricultural film master batch, which at one time was totally imported from foreign countries.
This effort was in cooperation of Ihlshin Chemical Co, the largest LDPE film producer in Korea. Since then, we have developed numerous new agricultural master batch products and have contributed to the development of the domestic agricultural film market. Furthermore we are have developed many new industrial master batch products for the Korean market.
Recently,Milim Co. has diversified its' business interests by, establishing a joint company with Aicello Chemical Co., which is a plastic container producer in Japan.
Currently, Aicello-Milim Co. is producing a product called "CLEAN BOTTLE", which is used in the semi-conductor industry as a pure container for chemicals.
Milim Co. will make every effort to become an international market leader in the field of agricultural film master batch products and a clean bottle producer. Also we promise to direct our research and development programs to meet the future requirements of our customers.
In the future, Milim Co. plans to broaden its product offerings for the plastic industries by developing new and innovative products.
Finally, I would like to express my gratitude once again for all of your support and encouragement.
Thank you.


Milim Co., Ltd
President Jang-Wook Lim



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