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CleanTainer CLEAN, CleanTainer CLEAN-B

1. Clean Tainer is innovative liquid packaging article that combine
    cardboard with flexible plastic containers
2. Supplement of metal and plastic containers weakness, its free from
    rust and heavy-metal.
3. Can reduce the amount of storage space required
4. High oxygen barrier property .
5. Hygienic, eco-friendly product.  


One layer container made of hygienic special PE. High-Strength type resistant to Chemicals and heat.

General Industrial Chemicals(Except dangerous goods), Antiscales, Antiseptic solution, Adhesive, Developer, Liquid fertilizer, Agricultural Chemicals, Water paint, Ink, Shampoo, Battery Fluid, Formalin, Surfactant, Detergent, Dye, Cosmetic raw material, Mineral Water, Kidney Dialysis and so on.


Multi-layer container. Gas Barrier Type. Used for packing perishable foods (Will be produced in the future)

Foods which need gas barrier property, Refined rice wine, Fruit wine, Vinegar, Cooking Oil, sauce, Liquid seasoning, Ketchup, Dairy Product, Flavoring and so on.


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